Member Value

Au Sable River Valley Business Association (ARVBA) strives to bring community members and local business owners together to help promote and support local businesses. Our Business Showcase events and Seminars are open to everyone and are a great opportunity to learn more about our local business owners and how their business’s tie into the local economy.  Please join us at our next business showcase event or seminar and explore what we have to offer!

Our member benefits include networking events, business show cases, seminars, marketing & advertising/promotional opportunities, newsletters, and assistance with finding the help your growing business needs.  ARVBA participates in numerous events where we promote our members and the organization. With a focus on community events, outreach, collaboration with other organizations advocating and securing support for our region and members, drawing tourism into the area, and providing exceptional value, we are YOUR PARTNER- HERE TO LISTEN AND SUPPORT YOU!

Our membership numbers speak volume and together we will have a great and positive impact for our members and our region!

Special Membership Benefit

whiteface Region Ad Guide LogoROOST is offering Au Sable River Valley Business Association members a free Enhanced listing on the new Whiteface Region Website.  If you haven’t taken advantage of this awesome perk, you are missing out on a fabulous exposure opportunity for you and your business.  Please reach out to Crystal Lyons, our Whiteface Region Advertising Coordinator at and introduce yourself, let her know you are an ARVBA member and she will help you get started with your listing.

Alternatively, you may fill out this online form  and  someone from the ROOST office should contact you with next steps.

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