Styx River Taxidermy

Styx Taxidermy WorkshopThank you very much to Marissa Jonke for a fascinating evening, and for hosting the Au Sable River Valley Business Association’s “Featured Business” meeting.  It was amazing to see the workshop and learn about taxidermy, she is truly an artist!  It was also exciting to see the shop and the beautiful pieces, curiosities, and other items for sale.

Marissa received her degree in sculpture and painting from SUNY New Paltz, where she graduated a semester early with honors.  She told us how she always has been fascinated and cared for wildlife, and used to pull over and move roadkill off to the side of the road, to avoid the animal getting repeatedly run over, which led her to wanting to care for the dead in a much more respectful way.  Marissa began learning the basics of bone processing and taxidermy through the internet in 2012, and started an apprenticeship under another taxidermist in 2015.

TaxidermyOriginally from Queens NY, Marissa and her boyfriend, John, always knew they didn’t want to live in a city, and as soon as they turned 18 and moved away for college, they knew they did not want to go back to the city.  Marissa and John turned their passion for wildlife and the outdoors into their jobs, and Jay ended up being the perfect small town for them. They also have chickens, bees, a pollinator garden, and vegetable garden.

Very inspiring evening, thank you!


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