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ARVBA Introduces Eleri Smith of Warrior RemediesThe Au Sable River Valley Business Association wants to extend our warmest thanks to Eleri Smith of Warrior Remedies for hosting the Association for a wonderful eye-opening Showcase in the month of June.

Eleri graciously welcomed the Association and community members into her home and business.  The members were invited to drink some homemade oat tea as they were given a tour of Eleri’s Garden.  Eleri shared her wealth of knowledge on natural remedies developed from the herbs and plants growing on her property.  Eleri provided extensive information about the medicinal uses of these plants, how they can support a healthy lifestyle and even assist in alleviating pain and symptoms associated with chronic illness.  Eleri invited us to use all of our senses to sample the plants and explore their healing properties.

Garden TourEleri-Smith-Warrior-Remedies

Eleri grew up in North Wales, UK and moved to the USA in 2019. Eleri trained as a clinical herbalist in the UK and has been a practicing herbalism for 12 years.

Eleri also trained as a gardener and combines the organic and sustainable principles she learned working at Canterbury Cathedral and for the Prince of Wales to the growing of her hers.  A keen educator, Eleri loves to share her knowledge with others.

Her business, Warrior Remedies, works with you to create a sustainably healthy and full life.  Working in a practical, shamanic way, they aim to provide tools to balance and nourish your body, tap into your subconscious, and provide ways to access spiritual guidance to discover your authentic self.

Garden Tour 2

It is evident that with Eleri’s assistance, optimal health and wellness is possible for everyone.  Eleri is a special Jem, and we are so lucky to have her as part of our Au Sable River Valley business community!

For more information on Warrior Remedies visit www.warriorremedies.com

Or contact Eleri Smith directly at warrior.remedies@gmail.com

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